About the technique

The methodology used by our school maintains relaxed environment and easy-to-learn atmosphere. This means, that during the lessons learners use the language through communicative tasks, when creating projects, debating, when communicating with their groupmates and the teacher.

The course implies absolutely no homework: we learn what to say and how to say during the lesson, drill and practice the language so that there is no need to overload our learners with extra tasks.

The course is split into grammar lessons, vocabulary lessons, writing +check your progress lessons, language in use, video lessons, Culture in Mind (which is the introduction of cultures and traditions of other countries), Literature in Mind (which are pieces of literature orignally written in English).

About teaching

For teaching we use Oxford and Cambridge certified methodologies, acknowledges by the CEF of Reference.The methodologies in use combine five approaches of contemporary language learning.This “mix” is what we call a Natural Approach to language teaching.According to this approach, no translation is accepted (and there is no necessity to double translate into Russian and Romanian).

The use of L2 in the classroom creates English-speaking atmosphere, generates English thinking, overcomes psychological language barrier and lets students face real - life situations. The lesson planning aimed at SWBAT (which is “Students Will Be Able To”). This means, that by the end of the lesson students will be able to use the language they have been exposed to.

Teaching toddlers we use modern visual aids, technologies and materials.Every lesson is a combination of games, songs, repetitions and constant live English - only communication.We also use videos, story-telling, crafts and projects when teaching.

About us

We’re a well-set newly opened educational communication center, which provides lessons for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.

We offer six international levels of General English(A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2) approved by CEF(Common European Framework of Reference) for adults, classes for toddlers aged three and up, children and teenagers.

All the ages and levels are grouped according to CEF and make up a system of continuous language acquisition and development of four basic language skills: Listening + Reading + Writing + Speaking.

Before starting classes we offer a free - of - charge obligatory testing to determine the level of a learner.This lets us find the right place for you / your child, so that the level of knowledge corresponds the level of the group at our school.We take into consideration the age of a learner, his / her learning style and parents’ personal considerations.