You will be able to talk about daily activities, schedules, describe the terrain, health, plans, compare something, describe someone’s activities, offer help and ask for help, ask questions, talk about news, someone's interests, prices. Speak on the phone and with the seller, ask the way.


Have got, possessives, Present Simple, Past Simple, модальный глагол «can», there is/ there are, much/many/a/some/any Present Continuous, Present Perfect, infinitive of purpose, plurals, comparatives, should/shouldn’t, superlatives, to be going to/might, questions with „like”, articles.


1000-1500 words, countries and nationalities, family, daily activities, food and drinks, events, basic adjectives, places in the city, shopping, clothing, home, work, transportation and travel, activities and routines, nature, appearance, health, training , airport.

Price (MDL) 900
Duration in week 2
Duration one lesson (min) 90
Number of lessons 8
Number of learners 9
Number of levels 6