The methodology used by our school maintains relaxed environment and easy-to-learn atmosphere. This means, that during the lessons children use the language through games, when creating something and doing projects, when communicating with their groupmates and the teacher.

The course implies absolutely no homework: we learn what to say and how to say during the lesson, drill and practice the language so that there is no need to overload our learners with extra tasks.

The course is split into grammar, vocabulary, skills (which are listening/speaking/writing/reading), fluency time (language in use, everyday conversations, set expressions), culture lessons (to introduce other countries and nationalities, their customs and tradition). Beginning with the 3rd level extensive reading lessons are a part of the course. These are pieces of classical literature originally written in English.

And a little about the teaching method. The game method is the best suited for schoolchildren: in games you can learn both grammar, a new vocabulary, and practice communication skills.

In principle, the lessons represent an interactive learning or a natural gameplay. Games are role-playing i.e. situational, competitive, creative, verbal, musical, etc. and all of them are aimed at immersion in the language environment using various components: textbooks, cards, video and audio materials, etc.

Price (MDL) 850-900
Duration in week 2
Duration one lesson (min) 60-90
Number of lessons 8
Number of learners 9
Number of levels 6