Small kids

To teach children aged 3-5 years is to play with them. Everything that students do is a kind of a show, that lasts some 45-60 minutes, keeping the children involved by means of different ‘tricks’ the teacher uses.

Children of this age are unable to concentrate their attention for a long time, they are in a constant search for discoveries, they want to move, touch and try everything to taste. We allow them to do this under the guidance of a teacher who directs their interest in the right direction.

During classes, children sing, dance, do projects, move, listen to stories and develop basic skills, but in English.

According to experience, these groups are the most noisy and they need the greatest amount of teacher’s attention, so the number of students in the group does not exceed 9.

The method of teaching children is called TPR (Total Physical Response) or the method of full physical response is based on the theory of the work of the hemispheres, developed by J. Asheran. According to his vision, the left part is responsible for logic and consciousness, and the right part is for intuition and subconsciousness. When learning a language according to the traditional method through repetition and rote memorization, knowledge is laid in the left hemisphere. Accordingly, using TPR, knowledge remains in the right hemisphere, which means it remains forever. Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input. The process mimics the way that infants learn their first language, and it reduces student inhibitions and lowers stress. The purpose of TPR is to create a brain link between speech and action to boost language and vocabulary learning.

This method can be compared with the mastery of the native language on the principle of a natural sequence of learning. At first it is important for the child to plunge into a monolingual environment and listen carefully (it is important here not to put pressure on the child and not to force him to speak), then he/she begins to understand the main sounds and words, what is associated with what, he learns the sound of the main 'commands'. And only when he is internally ready, the speech appears.

In this method, the alphabet, grammar and translation are completely absent. Why don't we need a translation? Because each word is included in a single network with other words and learns in context, and translation destroys this connection.

The second effective method used at the center is Glen Doman’s method using informative cards, which are spoken out loud until the information is 'captured'.

The third method is gaming. This means that all training takes place in a natural gameplay.

Price (MDL) 850
Duration in week 2
Duration one lesson (min) 45-60
Number of lessons 8
Number of learners 9
Number of levels 3