You will be able to freely support a thorough conversation and easily communicate on abstract topics, interact with native speakers without tension, and build clear statements on various topics. Spontaneously speak, flexibly and effectively use the language in social, scientific and professional activities.


To be used to/ to get used to, second and first conditionals, Past Perfect Continuous, uses of future, modal verbs, wishes, the passive, quantifiers, Future Perfect, reported speech, simple and continuousaspects, have/get smth done


3000-4000 words, education, feelings and opinions, phrasal verbs, exaggeration, complex adjectives, business and trade, word formation, money, entertainment, synonyms, homonyms, advertising, idioms, behavior, slang expressions

International Exams

FCE (First Certificate in English), IELTS, TOEFL

Price (MDL) 900
Duration in week 2
Duration one lesson (min) 90
Number of lessons 8
Number of learners 9
Number of levels 6