Teaching a foreign language to someone is carried out according to the "Communicative Approach" methodology, which is focused on the development of communication skills. Here, grammatical structures and thematic vocabulary are worked out through "drilling" to memorize structures and are further used in direct communication, which is the prior task of each lesson according to the Common European Framework for Learning Languages.

A little more about the principles of the communicative method:

- The student begins to speak from the first lesson

- The main emphasis is on accuracy and fluency i.e. fluent and competent speech at the same time

- In training, only modern authentic materials are used

During the lesson, the student goes through 3 stages: engagement, study and activation (use).

The development of speech, writing, reading and speech recognition occurs in parallel and the assessment of all skills occurs after each of 5 semesters to more accurately determine the level of mastery (with a passing rate of 75%)

A feature of the ECC "Know How" policy is the lack of homework and hourly assessment of student activity.

Price (MDL) 800
Duration in week 2
Duration one lesson (min) 90
Number of lessons 8
Number of learners 5-7
Number of levels 6