Iulia Rotaru


Everything you want is on the other side of fear


What kind of personality am I? I’d say responsible (sometimes it drives people crazy), generous, just, honest, hard-working, smart and humorous. There is one thing I love best about myself and it’s called ‘never-ending desire for development’. This desire made me choose the best job a person can have, a job that awakens people’s minds and makes me smile every time I see my learners struggle through difficulties.

Educational background & experience:

The next important thing to be mentioned is education because education matters. I am a graduate of State University of Moldova, faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature and Master in English Philology. I am an internationally certified English instructor, being a holder of CELTA (for adults) and CELT YL (for young learners) by Cambridge , who successfully completed the course offered through British Council in Krakow, Poland. ( 30 June-25 July, 2014 and 6 July-17 July 2015)
I’ve been an English instructor for more than 12 years and the Director of Studies at ECC ‘Know How’ for 3 years already. Within this period of time I managed to experiment with different techniques, methods, age groups etc. and have chosen the best for you to make learning an enjoyable process, leading to success.

Why teaching?

To be honest, I am the fourth generation of teachers in my family. People say ‘it’s in my blood’ and I do agree. The only thing I’d like to outline: I am a different type of ‘a teacher’, this is why I prefer the word ‘instructor’. I have always wanted to make learning different, to make it ‘a process of exchanging information, mood, experience’. This is because English itself is not a school subject, but a process of exchanging information where ‘what people say’ if of more importance than ‘grammatical accuracy’.

I want my learners to

Because of everything mentioned previously I want my students to use grammatically correct language to know each other better, to build new ties and connections, to really share rather than be accurate, but distant from the outer world.

Why to choose ECC “Know How”?

To be honest, I was lucky to gain experience in more than 3 centers around Chisinau, but there was no place for ‘personalization’. A small and cozy place where everyone know each other was a dream of mine and it’s called Educational Communication Center ‘Know How’. Because we care.