Olya Iovceva


At the end of the day let there be no explanations, no excuses, no regrets.


I consider myself to be patient, compassionate, just, encouraging, inspirational, imaginative and devoted to my profession.

Educational background & experience:

I am a graduate of Moldova State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga”, Master in English Philology and internationally certified English instructor, having successfully completed the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute (TESOL Certificate Course) offered through International House Language Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine (May 7, 2012-June 1, 2012).
I have been a teacher at the Agrarian State University, ALC, The University of Political Economic European Studies, The Academy of Police, ILTC, American Councils since 2005.

Why teaching?

I’ve chosen teaching because being a pupil myself I struggled through a lot of difficulties with English. Every lesson was a torture. I nearly hated it all. So I took a decision to make other people see English in a different light. I am really excited now when I get the feedback from my students, when I see how successful they become with my help.

I want my learners to

Acquire knowledge in an easy and interesting way, never get disappointed and always be motivated to broaden their horizon.

Why to choose ECC “Know How”?

‘Know How’ is a place where you can find a friendly atmosphere, helping and encouraging Instructors with never-ending enthusiasm.